On a warm sunny day, sitting on a Lazy Day raft, floating down the river is a wonderful way to pass the time. In one afternoon you will see wonderful views of the city, amazing homes, wildlife and nature. Rafting in Calgary is a tradition that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Latest News on the Rivers:

Elbow River – Nice and Slow

For families with smaller children, the Elbow is the way to go. There are many spots where you can stand up and wade alongside the raft (and in some spots, later in the summer you may have to portage because it’s too shallow). It’s also a shorter adventure for those short attention spans!

Bow River – Larger, faster, colder!

The Bow River is still a leisurely float, but you should be aware of certain bridges and obstacles. Read more in our How to section. Entrance points at Baker Park, Shouldice and Edworthy Parks. The most popular exit point is right at Lazy Day shop- conveniently located on the river.Other exits on the Bow include the area just west of Crowchild Trail, Edworthy Park, Prince’s Island Park/Lazy Day and the Zoo.

What you need to go rafting in Calgary:

A Raft

Lazy Day Raft Rentals (raft icon)

You need a boat that is large and sturdy enough to accommodate your group. At Lazy Day Raft Rentals we have rafts to accommodate 4 to 10 people.

Life Jackets

Lazy Day Raft Rentals (life jacket icon)

All persons in a raft must be wearing a PFD (personal Floatation Device) at all times. Bylaw officers will ticket you for failing to comply. We also rent Life Jackets

Two vehicles

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You need to leave one vehicle at your exit point and drive the other to your entrance point or ask about our shuttle service.